Car Rental: Auto Repairs After An Accident


Renting a car in a foreign country is often unnecessary thing to do if you plan on getting around and seeing the sights of the new country and to maximize your travel experience. What happens if you get into an accident in this foreign country do know what to do, and are you going to be covered?

In this article will attempt to go through the steps to do if you happen to become involved in an automotive accident and what to do with your car rental.

Car Repairs after an Accident

So you wrecked your car. What you do next can make your life a little easier. You first step should be to contact your dealership. No, not to buy a new car. You should contact your dealership so that their collision department can help you get your car fixed. There are many reasons why you want to put your car into the hands of your dealership’s collision department.

  1. They have trained certified mechanics.
    The dealership is going to require that all their technician go through classes so that they are trained as the manufacturer would want them to be. They will know the details of your car, in and out. There is no one better than that to work on your car.
  2. You are guaranteed to get the parts that you need for your car. You will not have to worry about getting a bad part. All the parts will be certified. That adds to your piece of mind of knowing you will get a good job.
  3. You can get your car fixed on a schedule. A car dealership will know what parts they have on hand, what parts need to be ordered, and will be able to give you an accurate date of when your car will be ready.

These are just three reasons. When you factor in the customer service you receive and the fair pricing, you will be glad that you went to your dealership. Your warranty will stay intact and you will have confidence that your car’s repairs are made exactly like they should be. That peace of mind will be a bonus. You can call and schedule your car for pick up with most car dealerships. Most dealerships can also assist you in getting a rental car so that you do not miss out on work. For more information you can always contact your local Campbell River Auto Dealer who can help you work through the options.

Vacation planning



We all love holidays and no matter if our schedule permits or not, we need a vacation once in few at least a year of half of it. All we dream is about having perfect holiday where we could spend our whole time relaxing and enjoying. A vacation keeps you out from all the troubles of your life and makes you stress free. Many times vacation becomes boring when we miss out certain things and fail to plan it well. So you must read out for following steps in order to have the best vacation plan so that you can enjoy your holidays the most:

  1. Plan the best location as per your taste and need: If you are taking the vacation in order to explore something you haven’t seen so far, you can try new locations and somewhere you have never been to. If you are willing to have a comfortable and relaxing vacation, there are different places where you can go. If you need a break, do not travel nearby as it would not create a big difference. Get to know your travelling style and chose wisely as per your necessity.


  1. Plan wisely: After you chose the place you need to go, settle down for the mode of travel and your place to stay. Do not get hurried for anything as you can always get best deals. Spend some time on internet and look out for the best travel and vacation deals online. Check about the place that you have to go, like recent news, updates, climate and most importantly reviews from the tourists. Make your hotel arrangements and look for how to go as waiting entirely on last minute deals can also ruin your plan. Try to find a place that is in the centre of city so that you don’t need to travel far off in order to reach any tourist attraction or places to visit.


  1. Pack properly: You must keep your head working whenever you pack. Collect everything that you are actually going to need and do not burden your bags with useless items. Keep clothes as per the number of days that you are going to stay. Pack only those things that you use regularly. Pack as per the security checks of the airport and the weight that you are allowed to carry.


  1. Stay calm: Finish all the pending work before you start your journey. Do not keep baggage as it can stress you while you travel and ruin your vacation. Always leave before time for the journey so that you do not miss your train, bus of flight. Put everything properly and count your bags so that you don’t miss out any bags. Keep all your documents required for the vacation safe and near you. Do not overburden yourself and never panic if anything goes against your plan.


  1. Take care of your health and your belongings: Do not overlook about your health and make sure you keep checking your belonging while you travel until you return back. This will make your vacation safe and secure.